Mesoscopic Physics and NanotechnologyMolecular nanomagnets [OUPed.]9780198567530, 0198567537

Author : Dante Gatteschi, Roberta Sessoli, Jacques Villain
Description:Nanomagnetism is a rapidly expanding area of research which appears to be able to provide novel applications. Magnetic molecules are at the very bottom of the possible size of nanomagnets and they provide a unique opportunity to observe the coexistence of classical and quantum properties. The discovery in the early 90's that a cluster comprising twelve manganese ions shows hyteresis of molecular origin, and later proved evidence of quantum effects, opened a new research area which is still flourishing through the collaboration of chemists and physicists. This book is the first attempt to cover in detail the new area of molecular nanomagnetism, for which no other book is available. In fact, research and review articles and book chapters are the only tools available for new comers and the experts in the field. It is written by the chemists originators and by a theorist who has been one of the protagonists of the development of the field, and is explicitly addressed to an audience of chemists and physicists, aiming to use a language suitable for the two communities.
Categories: Physics Electricity and Magnetism
Year :2006
Publisher : Oxford University Press, USA
Language : English
N° Of Pages : 408
File Info : pdf 4 Mb