Methods in Enzymology 100Recombinant DNA, Part B [First Edition]0121820009, 9780121820008

Author : Ray Wu, Lawrence Grossman, Kivie Moldave
Description:FROM THE PREFACE: Exciting new developments in recombinant DNA research allow the isolation and amplification of specific genes or DNA segments from almost any living organism. These new developments have revolutionized our approaches to solving complex biological problems and have opened up new possibilities for producing new and better products in the areas of health, agriculture, and industry.Volumes 100 and 101 supplement Volumes 65 and 68 of Methods in Enzymology. During the last three years, many new or improved methods on recombinant DNA or nucleic acids have appeared, and they are included in these two volumes. Volume 100 covers the use of enzymes in recombinant DNA research, enzymes affecting the gross morphology of DNA, proteins with specialized functions acting at specific loci, new methods for DNA isolation, hybridization, and cloning, analytical methods for gene products, and mutagenesis: in vitro and in vivo. Volume 101 includes sections on new vectors for cloning genes, cloning of genes into yeast cells, and systems for monitoring cloned gene expression.
Categories: Biology Biochemistry: enologist
Year :1983
Publisher : Academic Press
Language : English
N° Of Pages : 565
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