Methods in Molecular Biology 1133Caspases,Paracaspases, and Metacaspases: Methods and Protocols [1ed.]149390356X, 9781493903566

Author : Peter V. Bozhkov, Guy Salvesen (eds.)
Description:Caspases, Paracaspases, and Metacaspacses: Methods and Protocols is a collection of laboratory protocols covering current methods that are employed to measure and detect activities of these proteases in diverse biological systems, ranging from unicellular organisms to mammals. Broken into two parts, the first part focuses on methods to measure, detect, and inhibit activation and activity of a subset of or specific caspases in vitro and in several model systems and organisms, primarily in the context of programmed cell death. The second part of the book provides experimental protocols for purification and in vitro and in vivo analysis of yeast, protozoan and plant metacaspases, as well as of a human paracaspase MALT1. Written in the highly successful Methods in Molecular Biology series format, the chapters include the kind of detailed description and implementation advice that is crucial for getting optimal results in the laboratory.Authoritative and practical, Caspases, Paracaspases, and Metacaspacses: Methods and Protocols seeks to aid scientists easy-to-follow techniques.
Categories: Biology Molecular
Year :2014
Publisher : Humana Press
Language : English
N° Of Pages : 266[279]
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