Methods in Molecular BiologyPractical Protein Chromatography [1ed.]9780896032132, 0896032132

Author : Andrew Kenney, Susan Fowell
Description:Kenney and Fowell's exceptionally useful new book, Practical Protein Chromatography, brings all the forefront methods of protein separation and purification directly to your laboratory benchtop. The book treats not only powerful analytical separations, but also the small- and large-scale preparative techniques that are currently applicable throughout biological and biomedical research. Chapters, written by experts in each of the techniques covered, treat a variety of methods usable in virtually every laboratory with a chromatographic system. Topics include: immunoaffinity chromatography and selection of antibodies lectin affinity and dye-ligand chromatography exploiting weak affinities alternative coupling chemistries biospecific affinity elution size-exclusion HPLC of proteins chromatofocusing determination of purity and yield specialized chromatographic techniques. The established tradition of Methods in Molecular Biology is to present techniques that guarantee optimum results. Everyone doing protein chromatography today-at any level of proficiency-will find Practical Protein Chromatography an indispensable, hands-on guide to the effective use of these methodologies.
Categories: Biology Biotechnology
Year :1992
Publisher : Humana Press
Language : English
N° Of Pages : 324
File Info : pdf 18 Mb