Methods in Molecular BiologyProtein Kinase C Protocols [1st Edition.]9781617373350, 1617373354

Author : Alexandra C. Newton
Description:The first compilation of classic and emerging laboratory techniques for the study of the biochemistry and cell biology of protein kinase C (PKC). Described in step-by-step detail, these methods can be easily used to explore the structure, function, regulation, subcellular localization, and macromolecular interactions of protein kinase C.. Each protocol is introduced in the context of PKC function and regulation and contains many notes on how best to deal with the problems that may occur. Comprehensive and authoritative, Protein Kinase C Protocols is a timely compilation of biophysical, biochemical, cell biological, and molecular biological approaches that brings protein kinase C research into any laboratory interested in studying it.
Categories: Biology Biotechnology
Year :2010
Publisher : Humana Press
Language : English
N° Of Pages : 549
File Info : pdf 6 Mb