Methods in NeurosciencesReceptor Molecular Biology0121852954, 9780121852955, 9780080536446

Author : Stuart C. Sealfon
Description:The volumes in this series include contemporary techniques significant to a particular branch of neuroscience. They are an invaluable aid to the student as well as the experienced researcher not only in developing protocols in neuroscience but in disciplines where research is becoming closely related to neuroscience. Each volume of Methods in Neurosciences contains an index, and each chapter includes references. Dr. Conn became Editor-in-Chief of the series beginning with Volume 15, so each subsequent volume could be guest-edited by an expert in that specific field. This further strengthens the depth of coverage in Methods in Neurosciences for students and researchers alike. Highlights* Cloning* Expression systems* Signal transduction* Structure-function techniques* Antireceptor antibodies* Regulation* 3-D receptor modeling and computational probing
Categories: Biology Molecular
Year :1995
Publisher : Elsevier, Academic Press
Language : English
N° Of Pages : 519[537]
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