Mitochondrial form and function in pancreatic -cells and brown adipocytes

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Description:Stockholm: Sweden by Universitetsservice AB. 2010 250 . Mitochondrial form and function in pancreatic -cells and brown adipocytesPicture on cover: Brown adipocyte stained with the red mitochondrial membrane potential sensitive dyeTMRE. In addition a subset of the mitochondrial population is also labeled with photo-convertible GFP.The image was acquired with a Zeiss LSM 710 confocal microscope.Mitochondria stand in the center of metabolism and compromised mitochondrial functionhas been shown in metabolic diseases such as diabetes and obesity. To developmitochondrial targeted therapeutics, an improved understanding of the regulation ofmitochondrial function is needed. This thesis is focused on the role of mitochondria intwo tissues highly dependent on mitochondria: pancreatic -cells and brown adiposetissue (BAT). The role of mitochondria in these tissues is opposite. In -cells,mitochondrial ATP production is necessary for insulin secretion while in BATmitochondria produce heat by disconnecting the respiratory chain from ATP synthesis.Two main aspects of mitochondria were explored; mitochondrial functional efficiencyand the interrelationship between mitochondrial shape and function
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