Mixed Method Research Design: An Application in Consumer-Brand Relationships (CBR) [1ed.]978-3-319-02686-2, 978-3-319-02687-9

Author : S. Sreejesh, Sanjay Mohapatra (auth.)
Description:This book is a comprehensive guide to design and conduct the research in management-related field, such as marketing management and human resources management. It provides an overview of the real research conducted by authors throughout their careers and explains the important and growing research design used in management research-mixed method research design. Video tutorials are also included for complete qualitative data collection and data analysis. These videos are included to help readers understand the research and apply the techniques using the recommended software programs. Mixed Method Research Design: An Application in Consumer-Brand Relationships (CBR) begins with an introduction, providing background on the study including related literature in the areas of consumer-brand relationships, which helps the book to show how research questions and research objectives can be developed for the mixed method study. This is followed by a detailed explanation of the methodology, which establishes the ground rule for the study. Finally it takes look at the analysis and results of mixed method research study. Additionally the book examines the procedures of mixing of qualitative and quantitative paradigms in research both in terms of hypothesis development and testing. It helps readers understand how to design their research studies using mixed method design. It also demonstrates managerial implications, to help understand how mixed research design could be used to show contribution to the theory and practice.
Categories: Business Marketing: Advertising
Year :2014
Publisher : Springer International Publishing
Language : English
N° Of Pages : 174[182]
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