Modelling Biomedical Signals [1sted.]9810248431, 9789810248437, 9789812778055

Author : Giuseppe Nardulli, Sebastiano Stramaglia
Description:Concepts and methodologies initially developed in physics have been finding high applicability in many different areas. This work, a result of cross-disciplinary interaction among physicists, biologists and physicians, covers several topics where methods and approaches rooted in physics are successfully applied to analyze and to model biomedical data. Included are papers on physiological rhythms and synchronization phenomena, gene expression patterns, the immune system, decision support systems in medical science, protein folding and protein crystallography. The volume can be used as a reference for graduate students and researchers at the interface of physics, biology and medicine.
Categories: Biology Biophysics
Year :2002
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Language : English
N° Of Pages : 230[293]
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