Molecular Biology of the Cell, Fifth Edition: The Problems Book [5ed.]0815341105, 9780815341109

Author : John Wilson, Tim Hunt
Description:The Problems Book helps students appreciate the ways in which experiments and simple calculations can lead to an understanding of how cells work by introducing the experimental foundation of cell and molecular biology. Each chapter will review key terms, test for understanding basic concepts, and pose research-based problems. The Problems Book has been designed to correspond with the first twenty chapters of Molecular Biology of the Cell, Fifth Edition. Includes the solutions to the end-of-chapter problems in the textbook Molecular Biology of the Cell, Fifth Edition. Contains over 2,000 problems and their solutions. All of the solutions to the problems in The Problems Book are on the CD-ROM that is packaged with every copy of the book. The problems are organized into the following categories: Terms to Learn, Definitions, True/False, Thought Problems, Calculations, and Data Handling. The Problems Book will be useful for homework assignments and as a basis for class discussion. It could even provide inspiration for exam questions.
Categories: Biology Molecular
Year :2007
Publisher : Garland Science
Language : English
N° Of Pages : 588[604]
File Info : pdf 204 Mb