Molecular Motors [1ed.]3527305947, 9783527305940, 9783527311514, 9783527306381, 9783527316779

Author : Manfred Schliwa
"""Description:The latest knowledge on molecular motors is vital for the understanding of a wide range of biological and medical topics: cell motility, organelle movement, virus transport, developmental asymmetry, myopathies, and sensory defects are all related to the function or malfunction of these minute molecular machines. Since there is a vast amount of information on motor mechanisms and potential biomedical and nanobiotechnological applications, this handbook fulfills the need for a collection of current research results on the functionality, regulation, and interactions of cytoskeletal, DNA, and rotary motors. Here, leading experts present a concise insight, ranging from atomic structure, biochemistry, and biophysics to cell biology, developmental biology and pathology. Basic principles and applications make this book a valuable reference tool for researchers, professionals, and clinicians alike - all set to become a ""classic"" in the years to come."""
Categories: Biology Biophysics
Year :2003
Publisher : Wiley-VCH
Language : English
N° Of Pages : 369
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