Monographs on the History and Philosophy of BiologyThe Cuvier-Geoffrey Debate: French Biology in the Decades before Darwin0195041380, 9780195041385

Author : Toby A. Appel
Description:For scientists, no event better represents the contest between form and function as the chief organizing principle of life as the debate between Georges Cuvier and Etienne Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire. This book presents the first comprehensive study of the celebrated French scientific controversy that focused the attention of naturalists in the first decades of the nineteenth century on the conflicting claims of teleology, morphology, and evolution, which ultimately contributed to the making of Darwin's theory. This history describes not only the scientific dimensions of the controversy and its impact on individuals and institutions, but also examines the meaning of the debate for culture and society in the years before Darwin.
Categories: Biology Biophysics
Year :1987
Publisher : Oxford University Press, USA
Language : English
N° Of Pages : 334
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