NATO security through science series. Environmental security Series CAssessment of the fate and effects of toxic agents on water resources: [proceedings of the NATO Advanced Study Institute on Advanced Modeling Techniques for Rapid Diagnosis and Assessment of CBRN Agents Effects on Water Resources, Istanbul, Turkey, 4-16 December 2005] [1ed.]1402055269, 9781402055263, 9781402055287, 1402055277, 9781402055270

Author : I. Ethem Gonenc, Vladimir G. Koutitonsky, Brenda Rashleigh, Robert B. Jr Ambrose, John P. Wolflin
Description:Like all limited and vulnerable resources, water has become one of the potential targets of terrorists. Coastal lagoons are especially vulnerable as they are densely populated centers of commerce and/or tourism. This volume addresses the basic scientific concepts that must be integrated by decisionmakers to minimize damages and optimize recovery operations in the aftermath of such an attack. Scientists from many disciplines including water resource management, hydrodynamics, aquatic ecology and social science combine their expertise in an effort to assess and model emergency scenarios for coastal lagoon systems. This case study uses existing numerical models such as-EFCD, WASP and AQUATOX are used to demonstrate how to optimize rapid response and decision-making.
Categories: Technology Water Treatment
Year :2007
Publisher : Springer
Language : English
N° Of Pages : 408
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