Natural Hazards: Earth’s Processes as Hazards, Disasters, and Catastrophes, 3rd Edition [3rded.]0321662644, 9780321662644

Author : Edward A. Keller, Duane E. Devecchio, Robert H. (CON) Blodgett
Description:Ideal for courses on natural hazards or on earthquakes and volcanoes, Natural Hazards uses real-life examples of hazards and disasters to explore how and why they happenand what we can do to limit their effects. The Third Edition of this text provides fully up-to-date coverage of recent disasters, and significantly revises the visual programk throughout. Included with every copy of this text is access to Hazard City, an online media resource which gives instructors meaningful, easy-to-assign, and easy-to-grade assignments where students investigate virtual disasters in the fictional town of Hazard City.
Categories: Physics Geophysics
Year :2012
Publisher : Pearson Prentice Hall
Language : English
N° Of Pages : 578
File Info : pdf 103 Mb