New Horizons in Management SeriesManaging Emotions in Mergers And Acquisitions (New Horizons in Management Series) [illustrated edition]9781845420819, 1845420810

Author : Verena Kusstatscher, Cary L. Cooper
Description:After years of merger mania accompanied by a high failure rate, the importance of emotions is being acknowledged. Heretofore an under-researched, poorly understood topic is being given the attention it deserves. Managing Emotions in Mergers and Acquisitions comes to grips with what a leader can do to make mergers and/or acquisitions a successful experience for all involved. The book tackles the question of managing emotions while integrating two or more organizations. Kusstatscher and Cooper cover: 1. Why so many mergers fail,2. Why M&A-related events are emotionally challenging,3. What emotions are,4. How to address emotions in an M&A context, and 5. Why M&A-related emotions are important. The book's objectives are to: 1. Create awareness of emotions,2. Provide a comprehensive conceptual framework to explain the link between managing emotions and M&A success,3. Present a toolkit for measuring emotions to guide managerial decisions, 4. Analyze four M&A cases to draw conclusions about which managerial behavior and communication style triggers which kinds of emotions in employees and, 5. Describe the effects employee's emotions have on M&A outcomes. This penetrating work provides a wealth of research-based information, extensive findings, and insights from an enormous number of sources and first-hand experiences. It includes an extensive bibliography. We highly recommend Managing Emotions in Mergers and Acquisitions to anyone involved in planning or managing an M&A event.
Categories: Business Management: Project Management
Year :2005
Publisher : Edward Elgar Publishing
Language : English
N° Of Pages : 221
File Info : pdf 2 Mb