Non-covalent Interactions in Proteins1860948812, 9781860948817, 1860947077, 9781860947070

Author : Andrey Karshikoff
Description:Many of the big advances in science in recent years has come from the merger of two sciences, and in this book the subject is the conjunction of physics and biology. The book was originally designed for a course as part of the post graduate program in nanobiology and biological physics. It was somewhat adapted for students with a background in the biological sciences, but it was then found that students from other universities of different backgrounds and interests were taking the class so its subject area was broadened to a more general nature. The aim of this book is to unite the considerations of non-covalent interactions with the specificity of their application in protein sciences in a single reading. The mathematics in this book has been reduced and simplified as far as possible because of the fear of math that is evidenced in many biologically oriented students. In this way the book can be a useful aid for students of biology, biochemistry, biomedicine and of course biophysics.
Categories: Biology Biotechnology
Year :2006
Publisher : World Scientific Publishing Company
Language : English
N° Of Pages : 347
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