Not for Bread Alone: Writers on Food, Wine, and the Art of Eating [Reprinted.]006167382X, 9780061673825, 9780061735516

Author : Dan Halpern
Description: Twenty-two acclaimed writers celebrate the art of eating Wendell Berry Colette William Corbett Michael Dorris Alexandre Dumas M. F .K. Fisher Michael Frank Betty Fussell Evan Jones Judith B. Jones Barbara Kafka Madeline Kamman Charles Lamb Rose Macaulay Henry Matthews Joyce Carol Oates Francine Prose Paul Schmidt James Seay Charles Simic Edward Steinberg Alice Waters There is more to be gained from our daily bread than mere sustenance. Curiosity, romance, ritual, and insight can be as much a part of a meal as any of its edible ingredients. In this delectable collection of essays on fine food and drink, twenty-two renowned writers capture the gestures, the celebrations, and the moments in which food, wine, and the act of eating transcend their initial purposes to become something far greater. A window into the eating lives of a handful of our finest literary artists, Not for Bread Alone is a tasty and most satisfying delighta true culinary classic.
Categories: Technology Food Manufacturing
Year :2008
Publisher : Harper Perennial
Language : English
N° Of Pages : 192
File Info : pdf 598 Kb