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Description:Content: Chapter 1 The First Line of Defence: Chairman's Introduction (pages 16): Zanvil A. CohnChapter 2 Specificity of Action of Colony?Stimulating Factors in the Differentiation of Granulocytes and Macrophages (pages 728): Nicos A. Nicola and Donald MetcalfChapter 3 Action of the Colony?Stimulating Factor, CSF?1 (pages 2941): E. Richard StanleyChapter 4 Actin Filament Architecture and Movements in Macrophage Cytoplasm (pages 4253): John H. HartwigChapter 5 Localization and Function of Tissue Macrophages (pages 5467): Siamon Gordon, Paul R. Crocker, Lynn Morris, Szu Hee Lee, V. Hugh Perry and David A. HumeChapter 6 Macrophage Antigens and the Effect of a Macrophage Activating Factor, Interferon?? (pages 6888): Nancy Hogg, Yogi Selvendkan, Graeme Dougherty and Catherine AllenChapter 7 Heterogeneity of Human and Murine Fc?, Receptors (pages 89101): Jay C. UnkelesChapter 8 The Importance of the Mac?1, LFA?1 Glycoprotein Family in Monocyte and Granulocyte Adherence, Chemotaxis, and Migration into Inflammatory Sites: Insights from an Experiment of Nature (pages 102126): Timothy A. Springeii and Donald C. AndersonChapter 9 Interaction and Regulation of Macrophage Receptors (pages 127140): R. A. B. Ezekowitz and S. GordonChapter 10 Regulation of Complement Protein Biosynthesis in Mononuclear Phagocytes (pages 141154): Harvey R. Colten, Robert C. Perlmutter, David H. Schlessinger and F. Sessions ColeChapter 11 The Cell and Molecular Biology of Apolipoprotein E Synthesis by Macro Phages (pages 155171): Zena Werb, Jennie R. Chin, Relko Takemura, Rosa Laura Oropeza, Dorothy F. Bainton, Paula Stenberg, John M. Taylor and Catherine ReardonChapter 12 Respiratory Response of Phagocytes: Terminal NADPH Oxidase and the Mechanisms of its Activation (pages 172195): Flllppo Kossi, Paolo Bellavite and Emanuele PapiniChapter 13 Bacterial Lipopolysaccharides Modify Signal Transduction in the Arachidonic Acid Cascade in Macrophages (pages 196210): Alan A. Aderem and Zanvil. A. CoiinChapter 14 Secretion of Toxic Oxygen Products by Macrophages: Regulatory Cytokines and their Effects on the Oxidase (pages 211241): Carl F. Nathan and Shohko TsunawakiChapter 15 Chairman's Closing Remarks (pages 242243): Zanvil A. Cohn
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Year :1986
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