Novartis Foundation SymposiaCiba Foundation Symposium 35 – Biochemistry and Pharmacology of Platelets9789021940397, 9780470720172

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Description:Content: Chapter 1 Introduction (pages 14): G. V. R. BornChapter 2 Common Pathways of Membrane Reactivity after Stimulation of Platelets by Different Agents (pages 521): Ernst F. Luscher and P. MassiniChapter 3 Binding of Adenosine Diphosphate by Human Platelet Membrane (pages 2346): Ralph L. NachmanChapter 4 Enzyme Activities on the Platelet Surface in Relation to the Action of Adenosine Diphosphate (pages 4775): J. Fraser Mustard, M. A. Packham, D. W. Perry, M. A. Guccione and R. L. Kinlough?RathboneChapter 5 Stimulus?Response Coupling in the Thrombin?Platelet Interaction (pages 77100): Thomas C. Detwiler, Bernice M. Martin and Richard D. FeinmanChapter 6 The Interaction of Platelet Actin, Myosin and Myosin Light Chain Kinase (pages 101119): Robert S. Adelstein, Mary Anne Conti, James L. Daniel and William AndersonChapter 7 Roles of Cyclic Nucleotides in Platelet Function (pages 121151): Richard J. HaslamChapter 8 Initial Biochemical Responses of Platelets to Stimulation (pages 153173): D. C. B. MillsChapter 9 Biochemistry of the Platelet Release Reaction (pages 175205): Holm HolmsenChapter 10 Prostaglandins and Precursors in Platelet Function (pages 207224): J. Bryan Smith, Carol M. Ingerman and Melvin J. SilverChapter 11 Significance of Glucose and Glycogen Metabolism for Platelet Function (pages 225238): W. Schneider and A. R. L. GearChapter 12 Elemental Composition of Platelet Dense Bodies (pages 239259): R. J. SkaerChapter 13 The Organelles Storing 5?Hydroxytryptamine in Blood Platelets (pages 261286): A. Pletscher and M. Da PradaChapter 14 5?Hydroxytryptamine Receptors of Platelets (pages 287307): G. V. R. Born and F. MichalChapter 15 Interactions Between 5?Hydroxytryptamine and Platelet Lipid Fractions (pages 309342): Aaron J. Marcus, Lenore B. Safier and Harris L. Ullman
Categories: Biology Biochemistry
Year :1975
Publisher : Ciba Foundation
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