Novartis Foundation SymposiaCiba Foundation Symposium 57 – Phosphorus in the Environment: Its Chemistry and Biochemistry9780444900319, 9780470720387

Author : Ciba Foundation
Description:Content: Chapter 1 Phosphorus: A General Introduction (pages 14): R.J.P. WilliamsChapter 2 Phosphorus and Mankind's Problems Today (pages 521): John R. Van WazerChapter 3 World Resources of Phosphorus (pages 2348): Johan W. BrinckChapter 4 Some Economic and Technical Factors Affecting Use of Phosphate Raw Materials (pages 4973): Guerry H. McClellan and Travis P. HignettChapter 5 Modern Mankind's Influence on the Natural Cycles of Phosphorus (pages 7594): E.J. GriffithChapter 6 Phosphorus Biochemistry (pages 95116): R.J.P. WilliamsChapter 7 The Organic Chemistry of Phosphate Transfer (pages 117137): Anthony J. KirbyChapter 8 The Biological Importance of Organophosphorus Compounds Containing a Carbon?Phosphorus Bond (pages 135153): Thomas D. InchChapter 9 Metabolic Factors and the Utilization of Phosphorus by Plants (pages 155174): B.C. LoughmanChapter 10 Phosphorus Cycles of Forest and Upland Grassland Ecosystems and Some Effects of Land Management Practices (pages 175199): A.F. HarrisonChapter 11 Phosphorus and the Eutrophication of LakesA Personal View (pages 201228): C.S. ReynoldsChapter 12 The Dissipation of Phosphorus in Sewage and Sewage Effluents (pages 229242): R.W. CollingwoodChapter 13 Balance Sheet for Phosphorus in the UK (pages 243251): J.C. BowmanChapter 14 The Use of Phosphate in Detergents and Possible Replacements for Phosphate (pages 253268): P.A. Gilbert and A.L. De JongChapter 15 The Rationale for a Ban on Detergent Phosphate in the Great Lakes Basin (pages 269284): Gerorger R. AlexanderChapter 16 Can the Availability of Phosphorus be Critical for Mankind? (pages 285307): R.J.P. Williams
Categories: Biology Biochemistry
Year :1978
Publisher : Ciba Foundation
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