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Description:Content: Chapter 1 Address of Welcome (pages 12): L. CalifanoChapter 2 Chairman's Opening Remarks (pages 38): G. MontalentChapter 3 Genetical Analysis in Man (pages 922): L. S. PenroChapter 4 Biochemical Genetics as Illustrated by Hereditary Galactosaemia (pages 2338): Herman M. KalckarChapter 5 Cholinesterase Types (pages 3959): W. KalowChapter 6 Genetical Variation and Sense Perception (pages 6075): H. KalmusChapter 7 The Genetics of Primaquine Sensitivity of the Erythrocytes (pages 7695): Barton Childs and William H. ZinkhamChapter 8 Chemical and Genetical Units of the Haemoglobin Molecule (pages 96113): H. A. Itano, S. J. Singer and E. RobinsonChapter 9 The Genetical Control of Protein Structure: The Abnormal Human Haemoglobins (pages 114143): J. A. Hunt and V. M. IngramChapter 10 Studies on Foetal Myoglobin (pages 144150): A. Rossi?Fanelli, E. Antonini, C. de Marco and S. BenerecettiChapter 11 Genetics of the Plasma Protein Variants (pages 151177): H. Harris, Elizabeth B. Robson and M. SiniscalcoChapter 12 Biochemical Aspects of the Inherited Variations in Human Serum Haptoglobins and Transferrins (pages 178193): O. Smithies and G. E. ConnellChapter 13 Some Immunochemical Aspects of the Products of the Human Blood Group Genes (pages 194216): W. T. J. MorganChapter 14 Some Genetical Aspects of the Biosynthesis of Human Blood Group Substances (pages 217241): Winifred M. WatkinsChapter 15 Physiological Genetics of Human Blood Factors (pages 242263): R. CeppelliniChapter 16 Hereditary Gamma Globulin Groups in Man (pages 264303): R. GrubbChapter 17 The Mechanism of Gene Action (pages 304328): S. Brenne
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Year :1959
Publisher : Ciba Foundation
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