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Description:Content: Chapter 1 Chairman's Opening Remarks (pages 13): A. S. McFarlaneChapter 2 Metabolism of 14C?Labelled Steroids (pages 413): C. P. LeblondChapter 3 High Cholesterol Content of Human Spleen (pages 1416): Karl BernhardChapter 4 The Biosynthesis of Radioactive Cholesterol by Surviving Liver Slices (pages 1727): Samuel Gurin and Roscoe O. BradyChapter 5 Studies with Deuterium Steroids (pages 2840): T. F. GallagherChapter 6 The Biosynthetic Mechanism of Porphyrin Formation (pages 4167): David Shemin and Jonathan WittenbergChapter 7 Studies on Mammalian Red Cells (pages 6885): A. NeubergebChapter 8 Preliminary Investigations for a Study of Energy Utilized by the Surviving Fowl Erythrocyte in H?m Synthesis (pages 8689): C. RimingtonChapter 9 Iron Metabolism in Pathological Conditions (pages 9095): A. VannottiChapter 10 The Modification of X?Ray Sensitivity by Chemicals (pages 96113): Alexander Hollaender, G. E. Stapleton and W. T. BurnettChapter 11 Effect of X?Rays on Nucleic Acid and Protein Synthesis in the Jensen Rat Sarcoma (pages 114121): Barbara E. HolmesChapter 12 Radiation Dose in Tracer Experiments Involving Autoradiography (pages 122137): S. R. PelcChapter 13 Synthesis of Deoxyribose Nucleic Acid and Nuclear Incorporation of 35S as Shown by Autoradiographs (pages 138151): Alma Howard and S. R. PelcChapter 14 The Biosynthesis of Pyrimidines in vitro (pages 152163): D. Wright WilsonChapter 15 Studies with Organic? and Bio?Synthetic Nucleosides and Nucleotides (pages 164174): G. B. BrownChapter 16 The use of Radiophosphorus in the Study of the Nucleic Acids (pages 175183): J. N. DavidsonChapter 17 Rate of Synthesis and Quantitative Variations of the Ribonucleic Acid During the Growth of a Culture of Polytomella Coeca (pages 184189): R. JeenerChapter 18 A Method for the Evaluation of the Rate of Protein Synthesis in Man (pages 190202): D. RittenbergChapter 19 Turnover Rates During Formation of Proteins and Polynucleotides in Regenerating Tissues (pages 203212): E. HammarstenChapter 20 Synthesis of Phenylalanine and Tyrosine in Yeast (pages 213226): Konrad BlochChapter 21 A Study of Acetone Metabolism Using Glycogen and Serine as Indicators, and the Role of C1?Compounds in Metabolism (pages 227245): Harland G. WoodChapter 22 Asymmetric Citric Acid (pages 246257): Charles Heidelberger and Van R. PotterChapter 23 Mode of Formation of Fatty Acids from Acetate and Glucose as Studied in the Mammary Gland (pages 258284): G. Popjak
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Year :1951
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