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Description:Machine generated contents note: Paul Nurse Introduction 1 -- Bruce A. Edgar, Jessica Britton, Aida Flor A. de la Cruz, Laura A. Johnston, -- Dara Lehman, Cristina Martin-Castellanos and David Prober -- Pattern- and growth-linked cell cycles in Drosophila development 3 -- Discussion 12 Wolf Reik, Karen Davies,Wendy Dean, Gavin Kelsey and Miguel Constancia -- Imprinted genes and the coordination of fetal and postnatal growth in -- mammals 19 Discussion 31 General discussion I 36 Christian F. Lehner, Henning W. Jacobs, K. Sauer and Claas A. Meyer -- Regulation of the embryonic cell proliferation by Drosophila cyclin D and cyclin E -- complexes 43 Discussion 54 James L. Maller, Stefan D. Gross, Markus S. Schwab, CarlaV. Finkielstein, -- Frederic E. Taieb and Yue-Wei Qian Cell cycle transitions in early Xenopus -- development 58 Discussion 73 Jacek Z. Kubiak and Maria A. Ciemerych Cell cycle regulation in early mouse -- embryos 79 Discussion 89 General discussion II Regulation of Drosophila imaginal disc growth by the -- insulin/IGF signalling pathway 93 -- Martin Raff, Jim Apperly,Toru Kondo,YasuhitoTokumoto and -- Dean Tang Timing cell-cycle exit and differentiation in oligodendrocyte -- development 100 Discussion 107 Kim Nasmyth, Jan-Michael Peters and Frank Uhlmann Splitting the -- chromosome: cutting the ties that bind sister chromatids 113 Discussion 133 William Chia,Yu Cai, Xavier Morin, Murni Tio, Gerald Udolph, Fengwei Yu -- and Xiaohang Yang The cell cycle machinery and asymmetric cell division of -- neural progenitors in the Drosophila embryonic central nervous system 139 Discussion 151 General discussion III Determining organ size 158 -- Pierre Gdnczy, Stephan Grill, Ernst H. K. Stelzer, Matthew Kirkham and -- Anthony A. Hyman Spindle positioning during the asymmetric first cell -- division of Caenorhabditiselegans embryos 164 Discussion 176 PeterJ. Bryant Growth factors controlling imaginal disc growth in Drosophila 182 Discussion 194 General discussion IV Spatial organization and the cell cycle 200 -- Victor Ambros The temporal control of cell cycle and cell fate in Caenorhabditis -- elegans 203 Discussion 214 Jessica Greenwood,Vincenzo Costanzo, Kirsten Robertson, Carmel Hensey and -- Jean Gautier Responses to DNA damage in Xenopus: cell death or cell cycle -- arrest 221 Discussion 230 Martin Hobe, Ulrike Brand, Richard Waites and Rildiger Simon Control of cell -- fate in plant meristems 235 Discussion 243 Final discussion 248 -- Index of contributors 252 -- Subject index 254
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