OECD Reviews of Innovation Policy OECD Reviews of Innovation Policy: China 20089264039813, 9789264039810

Author : OECD Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
Description:OECD Reviews of Innovation Policy offer a comprehensive assessment of the innovation system of individual OECD member and non-member countries, focusing on the role of policy and government. The Chinese government has launched a national strategy to build an innovation-driven economy and society by 2020. Will China be able to succeed in making this challenging transition? This report assesses the current status of Chinas national innovation system and policies, and recommends improvements required in both the policy and institutional environmentsfor China to succeed in promoting innovation through a market-based approach.Table of Content :Introduction Executive Summary PART I. SYNTHESIS REPORT PART II. THEMATIC CHAPTERS Chapter 1. Institutional Set-Up, Performance, Objectives and Key Challenges -Annex 1.A. China's Innovation Policy according to the EU Trend Chart Innovation Policy System Chapter 2. Innovation and R&D in China's Business Sector Chapter 3. China's Public Research Institutes Chapter 4. Industry and Science Relations -Annex 4.A1. Comparison of Tsinghua University and Chongqing University -Annex 4.A2. The Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences (SIB), CAS -Annex 4.A3. Incubators in Shanghai -Annex 4.A4. Shanghai Yangpu Incubator -Annex 4.A5. Networking Business Incubators Chapter 5. China and the Globalisation of Research and Development Chapter 6. Human Resources for Science, Technology and Innovation in China Chapter 7. Regional Innovation Systems in China: Insights from Shanghai, Sichuan and Liaoning Chapter 8. The Evolution of China's Science and Technology Policy 1975-2007 Chapter 9. Framework Conditions for Innovation Chapter 10. Governance and the Role of Government in the Chinese National Innovation System Chapter 11. Chinese Research and Development Programmes for Science and Technology PART III. ANNEXES Annex A. Statistical Annex Annex B. Regional Innovation Systems and Policy in Chengdu, Province of Sichuan Annex C. Three Case Studies on International R&D Activities in China Annex D. Public Procurement and Innovation: OECD Experience and Reflections on China Annex E. Bureaucratic System and Negotiation Network: A Theoretical Framework for China's Industrial Policy Annex F. China's Policies for Encouraging the Indigenous Innovation of Enterprises Annex G. Agendas -Final Conference on the Review of China's National Innovation System: Domestic Challenges and Global Integration -High Level International Business Symposium on China and R&D Globalisation: Integration and Mutual Benefits
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Year :2008
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