OpenAccess Release 2.2 Standard API Tutorial [6ed.]1-882750-27-6

Author : David Mallis
Description:It is widely accepted that integrated circuit (IC) design productivity is a limiting factor to realizing the available transistor capacity of ICs today. The massive increase in data and need for more accurate modeling due to the effects of shrinking feature sizes make it unreasonable to continue to transfer a design between sequential applications using ASCII interchange formats. Cycle times in critical design loops that depend on sequential processing using ASCII files for data transfer suffer significant file translation overhead as those files grow with transistor count. A logically central repository for design information makes it possible to overcome key failings of traditional Electronic Design Automation (EDA) environments. A common information model enables great efficiencies by eliminating data translation among design and analysis tools. IC design customers can improve their choice among tools while realizing more effective and better performing design systems when those tools utilize standard APIs for data access and manipulation. Software integrators of Computer- Aided Design (CAD) systems for ICs can focus on methodology and functionality rather than the incompatibilities in communciation between design tools.
Categories: Technology Electronics: VLSI
Year :2007
Publisher : OpenAccess Release 2.2 Standard API Tutorial
Language : English
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