Options and Options Trading : A Simplified Course That Takes You from Coin Tosses to Black-Scholes [1ed.]9780071432092, 9780071442978, 0071432094

Author : Robert Ward
Description:This is a must have for all serious traders. Robert Ward does a masterful job of explaining probability and statistics, the foundation for option pricing and delves deep into market psychology, hedging, and numerous advanced topics. To truly get the most of this book read it slowly and learn all it has to offer. This is, by far, the best book I have ever purchased on Options trading. It is full of wisdom, explanations, examples, diagrams, and quizes (with answers at the back of the book) to assure you truly master the language, mathematics and psychology of options trading. Congratulations to Robert Ward on writing a great, great book!
Categories: Business Trading
Year :2004
Publisher : McGraw-Hill
Language : English
N° Of Pages : 405
File Info : pdf 3 Mb