PapersMimicry and Legendary Psychasthenia

Author : Roger Caillois, John Shepley
Description:From whatever side one approaches things, the ultimate problem turns out in the final analysis to be that of distinction: distinctions between the real and the imaginary, between waking and sleeping, between ignorance and knowledge, etc. - all of them, in short, distinctions in which valid consideration must demonstrate a keen awareness and the demand for resolution. Among distinctions, there is assuredly none more clear-cut than that between the organism and its surroundings; at least there is none in which the tangible experience of separation is more immediate. So it is worthwhile to observe the phenomenon with particular attention and, within the phenomenon, what is even more necessary, given the present state of our knowledge, is to consider its condition as pathology (the word here having only a statistical meaning)-i.e., all the facts that come under the heading of mimicry.
Categories: Biology Anthropology: Evolution
Year :1984
Publisher : MIT Press
Language : English
N° Of Pages : 18
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