Patterns of Growth and Development in the Genus Homo

Author : Thompson Jennifer L. et al. (eds.)
Description:Cambridge University Press, 2003. 470 p.Assuming that the earliest human ancestors grew more like apes than current-day humans, when, how and why did our modern growth pattern evolve? Covering growth patterns within available Plio-Pleistocene Hominids, including juvenile fossil specimens, and individuals assigned to the newest species, Homo antecessor, this book provides a rich data source for anthropologists and evolutionary biologists exploring these questions.List of contributors pageAcknowledgmentsIntroductionG. E. Krovitz, A. J. Nelson, J. L. ThompsonSetting the stage: What do we know about human growth and development?The human pattern of growth and development in paleontological perspectiveB. BoginPostnatal ontogeny of facial position in Homo sapiensand Pan troglodytesB. McBratney-Owen, D. E. LiebermanVariation in modern human dental developmentH. LiversidgeDevelopmental variation in the facial skeleton of anatomicallymodernHomo sapiensU. Strand Vidarsdottir, P. OHigginsLinear growth variation in the archaeological recordL. T. HumphreyHominid growth and development: The modern contextJ. L. Thompson, A. J. Nelson, G. E. KrovitzThe first steps: From australopithecines to Middle Pleistocene HomoReconstructing australopithecine growth and development: What do we think we know?K. L. KuykendallGrowth and life history in Homo erectusS. C. Anton, S. R. LeigPatterns of dental development in Lower and Middle Pleistocene hominins from Atapuerca (Spain)J. M. Bermudez De Castro, F. Ramrez Rozzi, M. Martinon-torres, S. Sarmiento Perez, A. RosasHominid growth and development from australopithecines to Middle Pleistocene HomoG. E. Krovitz, J. L. Thompson, A. J. NelsonThe last steps: The approach to modern humansDiagnosing heterochronic perturbations in the craniofacial evolution of Homo (Neandertals and modern humans) and Pan(P. troglodyte sand P. paniscus)F. L. Williams, L. R. Godfrey, M. R. SutherlandShape and growth differences between Neandertals and modern humans: Grounds for a species-level distinction?G. E. KrovitzOntogenetic patterning and phylogenetic significance of mental foramen number and position in the evolution of Upper Pleistocene Homo sapiensH. Coqueugniot, N. Minugh-PurvisA new approach to the quantitative analysis of postcranial growth in Neandertals and modern humans: Evidence from the hipboneT. Majo, A.-M. TillierOntogenetic variation in the Dederiyeh Neandertal infantsPostcranial evidenceO. Kondo, H. IshidaHominid growth and development in Upper Pleistocene HomoA. J. Nelson, G. E. Krovitz, J. L. ThompsonConclusions: Putting it all togetherA. J. Nelson, J. L. Thompson, G. E. KrovitzIndex
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