Personal care and cosmetic technologySittig’s Handbook of Pesticides and Agricultural Chemicals978-0-8155-1903-4, 978-0-8155-1516-6, 0-8155-1516-2, 9780815515845, 0815515847, 0815519036, 9780815519799, 0815519796

Author : Greene, Stanley A.; Pohanish, Richard P. (Eds.)
Description:Recently updated with two new interactive tables containing Physical Properties, Health and Safety Information, Synnonyms, and Manufacturer data for 673 agricultural chemicals and pesticides. In addition to these new tables, there are new substance data sheets for all 673 substances in HTML format viewable from both the Table of Contents and the interactive tables. This handbook is specifically designed for use by those engaged in the agricultural and food processing industries, both vital to our nation's health and economy. People in every phase of food production, from the farm to the fork, will find a wealth of material here. It will also be of interest to professionals in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and personal care industries that use agricultural products as ingredients. It provides crop, chemical, regulatory, health and safety information on nearly 700 pesticides, fertilizers, and other agricultural chemicals. These chemicals are organized with unique identifiers so that all who may have contact with or interest in them can find critical information quickly. The interactive tables summarize physical property and health and safety data. The rows representing the same substance in both tables are cross-linked. In addition, the tables contain links to a detailed text file for each substance. These text files contain all the data in the tables, as well as more in-depth information. Content: Front Matter Preface Introduction Key to Abbreviations Guide to Content Interactive Tables Abamectin to Azoxystrobin Barban to Butylphenols Cacodylic Acid to Cyromazine 2,4-D to Dodine Emamectin Benzoate to Etridiazole Famphur to Fuberidazole Giberellic Acid to Glyphosate Halosulfuron-methyl to Hydroprene Imazalil(ANSI) to Isoxaflutole Karbutilate to Kinoprene Lactofen to Linuron Magnesium Chlorate to Myclobutanil Nabam to Nosema Locustae Octamethyl Diphosphoramide to Oxythioquinox Paclobutrazol (ANSI) to Pyrithiobac-sodium Quinalfos to Quizalofop-ethyl Resmethrin (ANSI) to Rotenone Salicylic acid to Sulprofos 2,4,5-T to Trisodium Phosphate Urea Validamycin to Vinclozin Warfarin Zilkonium Chloride to Ziram Bibliography Appendices Indices
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Year :2005
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