Perspectives in PsychiatrySSRIs in Depression and Anxiety [2ed.]9780471928911, 0471928917, 0471928925

Author : J. P. Feighner, W. F. Boyer
Description:Perspectives in Psychiatry Volume 2 Diagnosis of Depression J.P. Feighner and W.F. Boyer Feighner Research Institute, San Diego, California, USA Depression is common, multifaceted and treatable. This book brings together a wide variety of views, methods and disciplines in the modern, symptom-orientated diagnosis of depression. Beginning with a historical overview and an epidemiological survey of depression, it includes important summaries of the rationale behind classifications such as ICD-10 and DSM-IV. It also reviews key areas such as masked depression, biological markers, recurrent brief depression and chronic resistant depression. This book focuses on a comprehensive and systematic global approach to the diagnosis of depression and will be of value to all psychiatrists and physicians with clinical or research interests in this subject. Perspectives in Psychiatry Series Advisors: O. Benkert (Germany) J.P. Feighner (USA) J.J. Lpez-Ibor (Spain) S.A. Montgomery (UK) G.B. Cassano (Italy) D.G. Grahame-Smith (UK) J. Mendlewicz (Belgium) F. Rouillon (France) Volume 1: Selective Serotonin Re-uptake Inhibitors Edited by J.P. Feighner and W.F. Boyer ISBN 0 471 92890 9 1991 168 pp Volume 3: Long-term Treatment of Depression Edited by S.A. Montgomery and F. Rouillon ISBN 0 471 92892 5 due December 1991 approx 250
Categories: Biology Ecology
Year :1991
Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
Language : English
N° Of Pages : 220
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