Plant Tissue Culture Engineering (Focus on Biotechnology) [1ed.]1402035942, 9781402035944, 9781402036941

Author : S. Dutta Gupta (Editor), Yasuomi Ibaraki (Editor)
Description:This volume, Plant Tissue Culture Engineering, signals a turning point: the recognition that this specialized field of plant science must be integrated with engineering principles in order to develop efficient, cost effective and large scale applications of these technologies. A diverse team of key researchers, technologists and engineers have joined to describe in a lucid manner how various engineering disciplines can contribute to the improvement of plant tissue culture techniques and transform it to a technology. The volume contains 5 parts: Machine vision systems for non-invasive and objective evaluation of cultures Innovative bioreactor technologies and its engineering bases Mechanized and/or automated culture processes Engineering cultural environment Physical aspects of plant tissue culture engineering Readers of this volume will find a unique collection of chapters that will focus their attention on the interface of plant biotechnologies and engineering technologies. This volume will be of use to graduate students, teachers and research workers in the fields of horticulture, agricultural botany and plant biotechnology in general and also to individuals who with or without engineering background are interested in industrial plant tissue culture.
Categories: Biology Biotechnology
Year :2005
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Language : English
N° Of Pages : 488[485]
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