Postgenomics: Perspectives on Biology after the Genome0822359227, 9780822359227

Author : Sarah S. Richardson, Hallam Stevens
Description:Ten years after the Human Genome Projects completion the life sciences stand in a moment of uncertainty, transition, and contestation. The postgenomic era has seen rapid shifts in research methodology, funding, scientific labor, and disciplinary structures. Postgenomics is transforming our understanding of disease and health, our environment, and the categories of race, class, and gender. At the same time, the gene retains its centrality and power in biological and popular discourse. The contributors to Postgenomics analyze these ruptures and continuities and place them in historical, social, and political context. Postgenomics, they argue, forces a rethinking of the genome itself, and opens new territory for conversations between the social sciences, humanities, and life sciences.Contributors. Russ Altman, Rachel A. Ankeny, Catherine Bliss, John Dupr, Michael Fortun, Evelyn Fox Keller, Sabina Leonelli, Adrian Mackenzie, Margot Moinester, Aaron Panofsky, Sarah S. Richardson, Sara Shostak, Hallam Stevens
Categories: Biology Molecular
Year :2015
Publisher : Duke University Press Books
Language : English
N° Of Pages : 304
File Info : pdf 3 Mb