Practical ArtArt of Drawing The Human Body1402711484, 9781402711480

Author : Inc. Sterling Publishing Co.
Description:Budding artists can master the toughest and most treasured technique of all: portraying the beauty, grace, and personality of the human body. This wonderful tutorial, and a variety of inspiring sketches on every page, provide the solid technical foundation needed to depict every type of figure-young or old, male or female, standing, sitting, or in motion-and with style. Intricately detailed drawings, some with grids, help capture the correct proportions for head, torso, arms, and legs; add light and shadow for tonal depth; and create texture, volume, and expressive lines. A thorough study of the nude and the development of preliminary sketches make this an extraordinary value.
Categories: Art Graphic Arts
Year :2004
Publisher : Sterling
Language : English
N° Of Pages : 161
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