Practices of Irrigation & On-farm Water Management: Volume 2 [Volume 2, 1ed.]1441976361, 9781441976369

Author : M. H. Ali (auth.)
Description:In the present industrialization stage of the world, importance of agricultural (food, fodder & bio-fuel) production to feed the ever-increasing population, and to save the water resources & the environment from degradation, is increasing. The climate change paradigm and water pollution have added additional focus on water resources. The book Practices of Irrigation and On-farm Water Management (Volume 2) is a true textbook for the undergraduate students in Bio-Science Engineering, Agricultural Engineering, Water Resource Engineering, Civil & Environmental Engineering, Biological Systems Engineering, Environmental Science, Biological Sciences and Agricultural Sciences. The book deals with water application methods, irrigation system designing, performance evaluation of irrigation projects, strategic management of water resources, land and watershed management, pollution management of agricultural fields, etc. Increasing efficiency in conveyance and pumping systems are also of great concerns. Irrigation management strategy practiced in normal soils may not appropriate in problematic soils such as saline soils. This book covers all of the above aspects. Understanding these processes leads to more rational and cost-effective decisions regarding irrigation planning, designing, and implementing/executing irrigation & on-farm water management programs and projects, and maintenance practices to maximize performance and reliability. In addition, the book covers some recent dimensions such as modeling in irrigation & water management, application of geographical information system (GIS) in irrigation & water management, and renewable energy resources for irrigation. The text is illustrated with numerous diagrams and photographs to understand the concepts and procedures described herein. Sample workout problems are provided to explain the design and application methodologies, and to help materialize the theory in practice. The books objective is to present the applied aspects of irrigation and on-farm water management, their methodologies, performance evaluation, principles needed to adopt the most appropriate approach, technical details, and modeling aspects towards sustainable irrigation development and management. The book is equally useful for postgraduate students, engineers/practitioners and scientists in the relevant fields.
Categories: Technology Water Treatment
Year :2011
Publisher : Springer-Verlag New York
Language : English
N° Of Pages : 546[571]
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