Primary Photoexcitations in Conjugated Polymers: Molecular Exciton VS. Semiconductor Band Model

Author : Sariciftci N. S.
Description:This volume concentrates on the controversy within the scientific community over how to explain, understand and describe the photophysics/photochemistry of this class of materials.This controvery is of such a fundamental nature that the solution of the problem might be in a unification of the semiconductor and metal physics with the molecular quantum chemistry. Thus, a wide-ranging and comprehensive discussion of this very crucial issue has not been written down yet.This volume brings together the most prominent scientists specializing in this controversial topic. Each contributor addresses the opponents' arguments. After short introductory chapters, the contributors discuss their own speciality area and compare the results with both models and explain their position on why one of the models is more appropriate. Special emphasis is given to comparative discussions with other conjugated molecular systems as well as inorganic semiconductors.
Categories: Technology Electronics: Radio
Year :1998
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Language : English
N° Of Pages : 635
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