Progress in Nonlinear Differential Equations and Their ApplicationsVariational Methods in Shape Optimization Problems [1ed.]0-8176-4359-1, 0-8176-4403-2, 978-0-8176-4359-1

Author : Dorin Bucur, Giuseppe Buttazzo
"""Description:The study of shape optimization problems encompasses a wide spectrum of academic research with numerous applications to the real world. In this work these problems are treated from both the classical and modern perspectives and target a broad audience of graduate students in pure and applied mathematics, as well as engineers requiring a solid mathematical basis for the solution of practical problems. Key topics and features: * Presents foundational introduction to shape optimization theory * Studies certain classical problems: the isoperimetric problem and the Newton problem involving the best aerodynamical shape, and optimization problems over classes of convex domains * Treats optimal control problems under a general scheme, giving a topological framework, a survey of ""gamma""-convergence, and problems governed by ODE * Examines shape optimization problems with Dirichlet and Neumann conditions on the free boundary, along with the existence of classical solutions * Studies optimization problems for obstacles and eigenvalues of elliptic operators * Poses several open problems for further research * Substantial bibliography and index Driven by good examples and illustrations and requiring only a standard knowledge in the calculus of variations, differential equations, and functional analysis, the book can serve as a text for a graduate course in computational methods of optimal design and optimization, as well as an excellent reference for applied mathematicians addressing functional shape optimization problems."""
Categories: Physics Mechanics: Nonlinear dynamics and chaos
Year :2005
Publisher : Birkhuser Boston
Language : English
N° Of Pages : 216[217]
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