Quarks, leptons, and the big bang [2nd ed]9780750308069, 9781420033595, 0750308060, 0750304618, 9780750304610, 9780585312354

Author : Jonathan Allday
Description:Contents Prelude: Setting the scene. The standard model. Aspects of the theory of relativity. Quantum theory. The leptons. Antimatter. Hadrons. Hadron reactions. Particle decays. The evidence for quarks. Experimental techniques. Interlude 1: CERN. Exchange forces. Interlude 2: Antihydrogen. The big bang. The geometry of space. Dark matter. Interlude 3: A brief history of cosmology. Inflation - a cure for all ills. Postlude: Philosophical thoughts. Appendix 1: Nobel Prizes in physics. Appendix 2: Glossary. Appendix 3: Particle data tables. Appendix 4: Further reading. Index. Synopsis This second edition brings the reader right up to date with results established over the last few years, especially in cosmology. Necessary background material on relativity and quantum mechanics is included but advanced mathematics is avoided. The book assumes knowledge of physics to roughly senior secondary school level.
Categories: Physics Astronomy: Astrophysics
Year :2002
Publisher : Taylor & Francis
Language : English
N° Of Pages : 441
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