Red StarMil’s Heavylift Helicopters: Mi-6/Mi-10/V-12/Mi-261857802063

Author : Y.Gordon, D.Komissarov, S.Komissarov
"""Description:Mil's Heavylift Helicopters: Mi-6/Mi-10/V-12/Mi-26 , : Mil's Heavylift Helicopters: Mi-6/Mi-10/V-12/Mi-26: Y.Gordon, D.Komissarov, S.Komissarov: Midland: 2005: Red Star vol.22ISBN: 1857802063: 129: pdf RAR: 37.34: : In the early 1950s a need arose in the Soviet Union for a heavy transport and assault helicopter capable of airlifting cargo weighing up to 6 tons (13,230 lbs) - primarily artillery systems. THe chief Soviet ""helicopter maker"" - OKB-329 headed by Mikhail L. Mil - took on this important task. The prototype of the V-6 (eventually redesignated Mi-6), which first flew in June 1957, was a much larger machine. For the first time not only in the Mil OKB's practice but also in the world helicopter design practice, the powerplant consisted of two gas turbine engines
Categories: Technology Transportation: Aviation
Year :2005
Publisher : Midland Publishing
Language : English
N° Of Pages : 129
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