Review of psychiatry series 24, 1Psychiatric Genetics [1st ed]9781585622283, 1585622281

Author : Kenneth S., M.D. Kendler, Lindon, Ph.D. Eaves
Description: Psychiatric Genetics Psychiatric Genetics : Kenneth S., M.D. Kendler, Lindon, Ph.D. Eaves : 2005 : pdf .:American Psychiatric Publishing : 256 : 1,7 ISBN: 1585622281 : 0 (: 0) :Psychiatric Genetics is a concise reference that presents the complexities of this dynamic field in a clearly written, easily accessible format, with numerous tables and illustrations. Ten expert contributors offer a fascinating view of psychiatric genetics in a text that is thorough and scholarly yet also succinct and accessible. The introduction summarizes the field's four distinct paradigms and their interrelationships that help us understand the role of genetic factors in the etiology of psychiatric disorders: basic genetic epidemiology, which demonstrates heritability; advanced genetic epidemiology, which explores the nature and mode of action of these genetic risk factors; gene finding, which enables us to infer the probability that a locus in the genomic region under investigation contributes to psychiatric disorder liability; and molecular genetics, which traces the biological mechanisms by which the DNA variant identified using gene finding methods contributes to the disorder itself.
Categories: Biology Genetics
Year :2005
Publisher : American Psychiatric Pub
Language : English
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