Routledge Contemporary Readings in PhilosophyEpistemology: Contemporary Readings [1ed.]9780203994078, 9780415259200, 0415259207, 0415259215, 9780415259217

Author : Michael Huemer
Description:Epistemology: Contemporary Readings is a comprehensive anthology that draws together leading philosophers writing on the major themes in epistemology. The book begins with an extended introduction by Robert Audi, one of the leading experts in the field of epistemology in which he sets the stage for the themes of the reader. Each section is prefaced by an introductory essay by the editor. Works include those by Russell, Hume, Berkeley, Quine, Carnap, Nozick, Putnam, Moore, Plato, BonJour, Coady, Carroll, Fumerton, Edwards, Foster, Howson, Urbach, Stove, Empiricus, Oakley, Alston, Gettier, Clark, Goldman, Lehrer, Paxson, DeRose, Dretske, Klein and Chisolm.
Categories: Biology Genetics
Year :2002
Publisher : Routledge
Language : English
N° Of Pages : 619[641]
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