Scaling and Uncertainty Analysis in Ecology: Methods and Applications [1ed.]1402046642, 9781402046643, 1402046626, 9781402046629, 9781402046636

Author : Jianguo Wu, K. Bruce Jones, Harbin Li, Orie L. Loucks
Description:Presenting the current state of the art in scaling and uncertainty in ecology, Wu et al's Scaling and Uncertainty Analysis in Ecology is the first book of its kind - explicitly considering uncertainty and error analysis as an integral part of scaling.Primarily, the book draws together a series of important case studies to provide a comprehensive review and synthesis of the most recent concepts, theories and methods in scaling and uncertainty analysis. It compares current definitions and ideas concerning scale within a coherent framework, and examines two key scaling approaches: similarity-based scaling, which is rooted in the idea of similitude or self-similarity; and dynamic model-based scaling, which emphasizes processes and mechanisms.With case studies focusing on issues ranging from population to ecosystem processes; from biodiversity to landscape patterns; and from basic research to multidisciplinary management and policy-making, the book will appeal to both researchers and practitioners working on landscape issues. It will also provide a valuable resource for graduate students and professional trainees in ecology, environmental policy, resource management and global change science.
Categories: Biology Ecology
Year :2006
Publisher : Springer
Language : English
N° Of Pages : 366
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