Schrdingers Mechanics: Interpretation1786344904, 9781786344908

Author : David B. Cook
Description:The interpretation of quantum mechanics has been in dispute for nearly a century with no sign of a resolution. Using a careful examination of the relationship between the final form of classical particle mechanics (the Hamilton-Jacobi Equation) and Schrdinger's mechanics, this book presents a coherent way of addressing the problems and paradoxes that emerge through conventional interpretations.Schrdinger's Mechanicscritiques the popular way of giving physical interpretation to the various terms in perturbation theory and other technologies and places an emphasis on development of the theory and not on an axiomatic approach. When this interpretation is made, the extension of Schrdinger's mechanics in relation to other areas, including spin, relativity and fields, is investigated and new conclusions are reached.
Categories: Physics Quantum Mechanics
Year :2018
Publisher : World Scientific Publishing Europe
Language : English
N° Of Pages : xiv+181[196]
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