SectionRenzo Piano: Architecture Monograph/Monografico Arquitectura 3927258814, 9783927258815

Author : Renzo Piano
Description:From his first investigations into buildings with double skins, with thermal insulation and the capacity for roof-top energy accumulation, to his research on the structural strength ot various natural fibers. Renzo Piano's works have always gone together with his research into and use of criteria of susiainability and an avoidance of nonrenewable energy sources. From (he construction of intelligent buildings with apertures that open and close in response to the weather to research into the production of new materials and the recycling of old ones, from the understanding of topography in terms of an economy of architectural design to an engagement wilti other cultures in order tu share aye-old ways ol building, the Italian architect's work has embraced a wide range of experiences. The most advanced building systems and the most inexpensive materials coexist in the sameecological spaces, whether these are housing, museums, concert halls, offices, workshops or cultural centers. : .
Categories: Art Design: Architecture
Year :1999
Publisher : Gingko Press
Language : English
N° Of Pages : 63
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