Sensors Applications, Sensors in Intelligent Buildings, Vol. 29783527265381, 3-527-26538-4

Author : Wolfgang Gpel, Joachim Hesse, J. N. Zemel
Description:Microelectronics have become indispensable in measurement and control technology. Thus, there is an increasing demand for suitable sensor systems and a growing need for comprehensive information on their potentials and limitations.Sensors in Intelligent Buildings provides engineers and scientists with a competent and comprehensive survey on the sensors currently applied in the building industry. This book not only presents the different types of sensors for energy efficiency, life safety, maintenance management or smart house devices. It also discusses the sensors' strengths and weaknesses and illustrates which sensor is used in which subsystem and for what reasons.The book series Sensors Applications covers the application of up-to-date sensor principles in key areas, such as process monitoring, building control, household appliances, health care, automobile, aerospace, or environmental technology.
Categories: Technology Construction
Year :1998
Publisher : Wiley-VCH
Language : English
N° Of Pages : 593
File Info : pdf 16 Mb