Shire EgyptologyEgyptian Woodworking and Furniture 0747802394, 9780747802396

Author : Geoffrey Killen
Description:This book gives a comprehensive description of Egyptian woodworking from the earliest times to the Late Period. It examines the sources of wood and other materials used by Egyptian carpenters. The techniques used to embellish timber and the complex joints employed in carcase construction are also explained and woodworking tools and processes throughout the Dynastic period are described. Some of the important sources which illustrate the development of furniture styles and the use of tools come from wall paintings and relief in tombs. The story of furniture is traced through an examination of surviving pieces that are now preserved in museums, including First Dynasty bedframes from Tarkhan and the furniture of the Fourth Dynasty queen Hetepheres, as well as the highly developed cabinet making and turned stool legs of the Late and Graeco-Roman periods.
Categories: Technology industrial equipment and technology
Year :2008
Publisher : Shire
Language : English
N° Of Pages : 64[34]
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