Solid Mechanics and Its Applications 194Elementary Continuum Mechanics for Everyone: With Applications to Structural Mechanics [1ed.]978-94-007-5765-3, 978-94-007-5766-0

Author : Esben Byskov (auth.)
Description:The book opens with a derivation of kinematically nonlinear 3-D continuum mechanics for solids. Then the principle of virtual work is utilized to derive the simpler, kinematically linear 3-D theory and to provide the foundation for developing consistent theories of kinematic nonlinearity and linearity for specialized continua, such as beams and plates, and finite element methods for these structures. A formulation in terms of the versatile Budiansky-Hutchinson notation is used as basis for the theories for these structures and structural elements, as well as for an in-depth treatment of structural instability.
Categories: Physics Mechanics
Year :2013
Publisher : Springer Netherlands
Language : English
N° Of Pages : 593[600]
File Info : pdf 12 Mb