Space Warfare and Defense – A Historical Encyclopedia and Research Guide [1ed.]9781598840063, 1598840061

Author : Albert T. Chapman III
Description:Space Warfare and Defense: A Historical Encyclopedia and Research Guide provides comprehensive coverage of the development of space as a possible arena for warfare, exploring the military uses of spacepast, present, and futureand specific details of actual space weapons systems. The encyclopedia spans the breadth of U.S. military space policy; comparable programs in the Soviet Union, China, and the European Union; and the full array of international agreements designed to regulate the military uses of space. In addition, the encyclopedia includes an extensive reference guide (nearly 40 percent of the book) directing readers to the essential literature on space weapons and defense systems produced by the United States, other governments, research institutions, and additional sources. At a time when space is becoming an increasingly important place of military competition and potential conflict, Space Warfare and Defense dispels the myths and examines the realities of what may become humanity's ultimate battlefield.
Categories: Technology Transportation: Aviation
Year :2008
Publisher : ABC-CLIO
Language : English
N° Of Pages : 436
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