Specification Development: Mechanical Vibration and Shock Analysis, Volume 5, Second Edition9781848211261, 9780470611975

Author : Christian Lalanne(auth.)
Description:Mechanical Vibration and Shock Analysis, Second EditionVolume 5: Specification Development This volume focuses on specification development in accordance with the principle of tailoring. Extreme response and the fatigue damage spectra are defined for each type of stress (sinusoidal vibration, swept sine, shock, random vibration, etc.). The process for establishing a specification from the life cycle profile of the equipment which will be subject to these types of stresses is then detailed. The analysis takes account of the uncertainty factor, designed to cover uncertainties related to the real-world environment and mechanical strength, and the test factor, which takes account of the number of tests performed to demonstrate the resistance of the equipment. The Mechanical Vibration and Shock Analysis five-volume series has been written with both the professional engineer and the academic in mind. Christian Lalanne explores every aspect of vibration and shock, two fundamental and extremely significant areas of mechanical engineering, from both a theoretical and practical point of view. The five volumes cover all the necessary issues in this area of mechanical engineering. The theoretical analyses are placed in the context of both the real world and the laboratory, which is essential for the development of specifications.Content: Chapter 1 Extreme Response Spectrum of a Sinusoidal Vibration (pages 114): Chapter 2 Extreme Response Spectrum of a Random Vibration (pages 1574): Chapter 3 Fatigue Damage Spectrum of a Sinusoidal Vibration (pages 75108): Chapter 4 Fatigue Damage Spectrum of a Random Vibration (pages 109140): Chapter 5 Fatigue Damage Spectrum of a Shock (pages 141146): Chapter 6 Influence of Calculation: Conditions of ERSs and FDSs (pages 147191): Chapter 7 Tests and Standards (pages 193217): Chapter 8 Uncertainty Factor (pages 219265): Chapter 9 Aging Factor (pages 267274): Chapter 10 Test Factor (pages 275286): Chapter 11 Specification Development (pages 287339): Chapter 12 Influence of Calculation: Conditions of Specification (pages 341364): Chapter 13 Other Uses of Extreme Response, Up?Crossing Risk and Fatigue Damage Spectra (pages 365385):
Categories: Physics Mechanics: Oscillations and Waves
Year :2009
Publisher : Wiley-ISTE
Language : English
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