Strength and Toughness of Materials [1ed.]978-4-431-67973-8, 978-4-431-53973-5

Author : Toshiro Kobayashi (auth.)
Description:As the shift from the Metal Age progresses, materials engineers and materials scientists seek new analytical and design methods to create stronger and more reliable materials. Based on extensive research and developmental work done at the authors multi-disciplinary material laboratory, this graduate-level and professional reference addresses the relationship between fracture mechanisms (macroscale) and the microscopic, with the goal of explaining macroscopic fracture behavior based on a microscopic fracture mechanism. A careful fusion of mechanics and materials science, this text and monograph systematically considers an array of materials, from metals through ceramics and polymers, and demonstrates lab-tested strategies to develop desirable high-temperature materials for technological applications.
Categories: Physics Mechanics: Strength of Materials
Year :2004
Publisher : Springer Tokyo
Language : English
N° Of Pages : 275[276]
File Info : pdf 10 Mb