Studies in surface science and catalysis 25Catalytic polymerization of olefins: proceedings of the International Symposium on Future Aspects of Olefin Polymerization, Tokyo, Japan, 4-6 July 19859780444418012, 0-444-41-801-6, 0-444-99518-8, 4-06-202265-6

Author : Keii, Tominaga; Soga, Kazuo
Description:In July 1988, a Worldwide Catalysis Seminar was held to mark the 30th anniversary of the Catalysis Society of Japan. After the 9th International Congress on Catalysis in Calgary, about 25 Japanese researchers working on catalysis visited and held seminars in four countries. Each seminar focused on a specific subject, yet also covered a wide range of topics in catalysis, from the fundamental to the industrial stages. This volume, containing the proceedings of this unique event, reflects the successful way in which the seminars provided an opportunity for direct communication and discussion of how best to achieve the successful design of catalysts.
Categories: Biology Ecology
Year :1986
Publisher : Kodansha; Elsevier
Language : English
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